This tour comes as a very lifelike experience. It not only puts to light issues like political oppression, women fighting for their rights, poor prison conditions etc., it also appeals to youngsters and indulges them in inquiring about and building a constructive opinions about such issues. This tour is quite helpful for teachers for its platform is closer to young students, as I have mentioned; it falls into that in which they show most interest today: gaming. I believe that lessons related to art, history, civilization, political studies, etc. might rely on such tours and dispense with the old school methods of teaching them. It perpetuates the idea and issues dealt with and motivates students to further explore them and even discuss them. For this, I really appreciated the tour and I would like to have lessons designed as such for my students to keep them eager to learn all the time.
I would also like to express my appreciation of the audio-visual details; the footsteps, the very authentic conversations –that also keep you interested all the way-, the explanation of each and every component of the exhibition, and ultimately the name that puts it briefly yet accurately. The voices not only represent the memories of these women and revive them, but also keep hunting our memories and our consciousness to incite us – as teachers, students, or simply visitors- to reconsider some ideas and to dig for further information and hidden truths.